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Application; Enrollment

A preliminary phone conversation is advised before applying to one of our courses, so that I can have some key information on the children regarding their age, character and accidental grounding (should be any). This way I can propose the parents wich group to choose.
 After the group has been chosen, parents shall fill up a form with the some key personal information on the children, plus their phone number and e-mail addresss so that I can put them on my mailing list.
Enrolment takes place only following the second or third lesson, when both the parents and their children know it for sure wich group to choose. After a couple of lessons, it is the teacher that shall decide whether the children are ready for dancing or not. It is possible that we not recommend the children to join the school in case of severe behavioural problems or lack of concentration. Nevertheless, we prefer seeking for some solution even in this case, by doing our best to try and integrate the children in one of the groups, in active partnership with the parents.
Inquiries are welcomed via the contact item of the menu list or via the e-mail address. It is possible to join us also in mid-year, following a preliminary phone conversation and a test lesson.
Children shall regularly visit the lessons so that the teachers can teach the groups the professional curriculum and the choreography for the year-end theatrical performance of the ballet tale.

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