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What to wear at the ballet course

About the ballet dress and ballet shoes in a few words:

The dress to be worn at the courses differs by age-groups. It is important to wear a comfortable and functional dress that is not yet outgrown and close-fit, plus a pair of stretch pants or pantyhose.
 For kindergarteners cotton socks, preferably with adhesive sole disks, are advised to wear. Ballet shoes can be bought for schoolchildren after consulting the teacher. In case of fallen arches or other foot deformity it is advised to go to specialist shops for professional advice. 
For the stage appearance at the end of the school year, and the mid-year open demonstration lessons, the colour of the shoes and the dress worn must be uniform in each group. The necessary is sewn by a dressmaker. For this reason, please avoid buying expensive dress, tutu or shoes. The colour and fashion of the dress depends on the story of the tale staged at the end of the school year. Each group will have its own dress colour. In the second semester, the dressmaker sews all the necessary extras as well.
Dress and the extras shall be worn also at the rehearsals and stage appearances, while a pair of plastic slippers is advised to wear out of the stage. At the rehearsals, group photograps are taken of the children, where the uniform dress shell also be worn, while long-hair should be worn in knot.
Only children are allowed to remain inthe theatre room during the rehearsals and the full rehearsal, while parents are required to be waiting in the assembly area.

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